Academic Writing Shouldn’t Be Boring

When you’re starting out writing in academia, which is generally going to be at university, it’s hard. You might write in first person, include blocks of quotations, and look on your previous writing with some negativity. I always used to ask myself, “Did I really write that? Wow, it’s a bit boring.” I then think about what I needed to include in my work, how I would entertain the reader (my lecturer) – and by entertain I don’t mean be funny, I mean so they have an easy time understanding your … [Read more...]

What’s The Difference Between Editing and Proofreading?

A lot of students are really confused about the difference between editing and proofreading. Many have been told by a university lecturer or friend that they should get their work proofread, but what it actually needs is a light edit and a proofread. Why? Editing is the start of the process to clean up your writing. Think of editing as the second coat of paint and proofreading as the top and final coat that gives your work the ‘shine’ you want. If you are writing in English as an additional … [Read more...]

The Origins and The History of Writing

Where did it all come from? … [Read more...]

Are Most Students Night Owls When Deadlines Are Looming?

Finishing an essay at 3am when it’s going to be submitted at 11am. Sound familiar? That was a usual occurrence during my Bachelor’s degree and I know many different students who are the same now. We have busy lives with the different things both inside and off campus, and researching and writing an essay takes an awful amount of time – time that we sometimes don’t have. I’m really not sure of the psychology of writing against an impending deadline, but I’m sure there is something to it. … [Read more...]

Referencing and Making Your Paper Sound More Interesting

About the flow of papers and how you can do them better. … [Read more...]

What is Academic Proofreading?

A post about what it is and what it isn't. … [Read more...]

Best UK Dissertation Proofreading Service

Uniproof’s dissertation proofreading service for students offers assistance to ensure your dissertation paper is free from errors and inconsistencies. That means your research paper is not going to have any spelling, grammar or punctuation errors. When you’ve spend months studying the subject, creating a foundation for the research and generating hypotheses, you want to sit back and relax – let uniproof take care of the last minute clean up and correct the mistakes you’ve made. You’ve had … [Read more...]

Writing Your Academic Essays With Purpose

Throughout your time in education you’ve no doubt written a few different essays and reports to submit to your teachers and lecturers, and these will have become more complex, difficult and challenging as you have progressed from school to college, and then on to university. The first significant part of the essay writing process is to make a plan of what you are going to write about.  Maybe you’ve been provided with a question from your lecturer or you have the freedom to write one yourself in … [Read more...]

What is a Proofreader?

You’re looking for more information about what a proofreader is and what this person actually does, especially if you’re a student. Well, these individuals – whether editors or proofreaders – check for consistency in your written English. A proofreader carefully reviews a piece of text, or an academic essay in your case, and ensures there are no errors, misspellings, grammar issues, or confusion in the arguments and tone of your paper. They clear up where those coffee fuelled late nights writing … [Read more...]

CV Proofreading Services & Why First Impressions Count

Getting a job is important to most people. You might be interested in getting a part-time on to fit around your studies or secure a position at the end of your course – either way you need an effective CV to help sell yourself to future employers. If you don’t have one, or even one that’s effective in getting you in for an interview, then you might not even be offered an interview for the graduate position or placement year you think you’re perfectly suited for. Having errors on your CV creates … [Read more...]