Academic Proofreading Services

During your time at university (or college) you want ensure you’re getting the maximum possible grades from the effort you put in. Whether it’s you or your parents paying the tuition fees to your academic institution, you’re going to want to achieve the best that you can from your degree course. After all, a better degree qualification can lead to a better and well paying job; a step in the right direction with the confidence that you’re in the right career and position after graduation.

This means that all of your papers and reports need to look professional in front of the eyes who mark them, your professors. These individuals have had many years of experience teaching and managing students, and they don’t want to be reading another paper with ‘poor grammar and sloppy attention to detail’. Well, not from you anyway because you’re not going to let that happen.

We’ve listed our range of proofreading services below for you to click through and read some more about. Most of your questions after have a good read of these will be answered in our frequently asked questions page. But, if you get to urge to ask us a question that you can’t find anywhere with ease then feel free to send us a short message or an email. If it’s between 10am and 10pm, Monday to Saturday, then we’ll probably get back to you within a few hours. (If it’s outside of that then we’re going to make you wait a little longer for a reply.)


universty student proofreading essayEssays, Reports & Papers

It doesn’t matter whether you’re an undergrad or a postgrad, you’re going to be researching and writing essay papers like there’s no tomorrow, so we know it can be a little daunting and stressful at times. You need to cut yourself some slack. You attend lectures and take notes, research for your modules, work with groups on different projects, take part in presentations, have to update your friends back home on Facebook, and get little sleep because you ‘really had to go to that party’ last night and stayed out late.

We understand that you don’t really have the time to check through your essays and ensure all is correct. That’s why we have proofreaders and editors on hand who can help check and review your academic paper before you submit it; you can stay out late and have the revised paper in your inbox the very next morning.

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Dissertations & Theses

It’s been a difficult few years for you. Whether you’re completing your first research paper or one of a handful you’ve completed during your degree courses, you’ve just about had enough of reading through those mistakes in your methodology; you know, the ones where you’ve written the chapter on seven different days and it doesn’t quite seem to join together. Or, you’re just not too sure whether your literature review really reads as it should; you might be asking yourself: could it do with more robustness or a bit of a tidy with the language?

Degree cap for dissertation proofreading

This is where Uniproof’s proofreading and editing service comes in. We take all of the trouble away and let your written work shine through to the reader (your supervisor and second marker), so they can understand what your research was, why you conducted it, and if you met the criteria for the module.

We all know that the research paper (whether a dissertation or thesis) counts significantly to your final classification or mark. To undergraduates, it can be the difference between a 1st or a 2:1; for Master’s students the difference between a Master’s degree and one with a distinction; and for PhD students where it can be the difference of gaining or being delayed the attainment of your doctorate.

Your research paper is hugely important to your future, which means you should take extra care to check everything is right. But, there’s an added problem: you’ve read the paper in part and in whole about ‘a thousand’ times so spotting the errors

or cleaning up your language isn’t going to be easy. You might also be writing in English as your additional language, which means even more care should be taken when correcting your thoughts, meanings, and arguments.

Read why it’s important to have an editor check your research paper for inconsistencies.


Academic Papers (PhD Journal Articles)

Being a PhD student (or newly qualified PhD) isn’t an easy task. You’re in an environment where you are expected to conduct research and studies on a continual basis, yet most of your colleagues, whether in your academic institutions or others, are doing the same thing. Quality is important both to you and your superiors, but it is also important to the scholarly journals where you want to publish your paper(s).

Not only does your research need to be new and thought provoking, but your presentation of the study needs to be first rate – you’re not an undergraduate anymore and you cannot afford to be rejected, you’ve had all that funding after all.

Getting a professional editor to look over your work is important. It allows the voices of multiple researchers to become one in the paper, formatting issues that you are just unable to figure out from the managing editor of the publishing journal, or you know that your writing is far from publishable.

Academics need to be continuously publishing and if you’re either a new PhD or a PhD student then¬† you have a number of people watching what you do and the quality of work you produce.

You want your paper to shine and be the envy of your peers. That’s why you should take a look through our process for ensuring your published papers are faultless.


Admissions Essay Papers

girl making a personal statementYou’re applying for a position in a new academic setting, whether it’s your first time heading off to academia or you’re required to submit a proposal/ personal statement for an MBA, MSc or PhD. You are an individual and on the forms/ instructions that;’s what the applications committee wants from you: a clear indication of your suitability for a place on the course and why they’re going to be choosing you over the other hundreds of applicants they have. Do you want it bad enough?

After a review and polish from us, your essay paper is going to shine in front of the applications committee. It’s going to stand out from a lot of the others because, well, it’s just immensely better than them.

You won’t have the headache of wondering if you’ve done enough because the editor has already set that right for you. You just need to make sure you send the actual essay to the university/ college you’re applying to.

The professors and scholars on the committees are tough but fair. So, if you put something in front of them that is littered with errors, incorrect grammar, and awkward sentences then what do you think they’re thinking about you? Would this person not put as much effort into things when they’re here and make me (or indeed the academic institution) look a little silly.

Or, they might not believe that you’re relevant for a place because your written English isn’t that great; would you then struggle on the course? The latter is a main focal point for students who write and speak in English as their additional language; we help them through the starting gates all the way to the finish.

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CV & Job Applications

cv proofreadingThere is a lot of competition in the job market so it’s a daunting task when you need to update (or develop) your CV and start filling out all those application forms. There’s a bunch of questions that a lot of the larger companies with graduate programmes ask you, and it’s your task to make as much positive impact as you can because you want the job, don’t you?

Your CV (Curriculum Vitae) is another important part of the job finding process. Some prospective employers might ask you to send in your CV and covering letter, which you need to ensure if clear, concise, and has enough information for the applications team to make a swift, positive decision for your submission.

At Uniproof, we don’t believe this is luck; you have to show clear information about your experience and skills that portray you as the best candidate for the position.

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More Information About Our Services

We’ve tried to provide an overview of our services above, but sometimes it’s difficult to find the exact answer you need. So, feel free to check out some of the questions other people have asked us about or get in touch with us so that we can provide you with a definite answer.