You’ve researched and written an article that you want to submit to a scholarly journal, but you’re concerned about your sentence structure and any errors that might be found by the managing editor – your colleagues have had an article or two rejected before and you want to save yourself from the embarrassment. That’s where we, as proofreaders of your submission, come in.

You’re a professor, lecturer, PhD researcher or a student and you want help getting through the competitive process of being published. After all, your article is going to be reviewed by a panel of academic experts in your field so everything needs to be error free before you send it to them.

You might have already submitted your work but it has been rejected due to too many spelling and English grammar errors, so you want it reviewed before you resubmit it. We can help.

We use the track changes feature of Microsoft Word so you know each individual change that the proofreader makes for you. Corrections, deletions, and comments to improve your written research paper are provided in the edited document so you can easily see if you want to use the suggestions.

Your proofreader will consider your article’s purpose, its arguments, and the organisation of your material to ensure that your writing is consistent and clear.

Our proofreaders will also check through your references section or bibliography for style and form, so that particular formatting issues for your specific journal are adhered to.