Students Proofreading ServiceUniproof offers a professional proofreading and editing service for academic students and aspiring PhDs.  If you are currently studying at college or university and in need of an editor to review your work for accuracy, spelling mistakes, and grammatical errors, then Uniproof is here for you.

It’s important that you have your written papers proofread before submitting them, as any arguments that cannot be easily understood can lose you grades.  And, in some humanities degree courses, the written element of the course contributes significantly to the final grade for each module as well as your final classification. This means it’s important that your written submissions don’t let you down! We’re here to help.


Academic Proofreading Services

We offer a range of professional proofreading services to academic students:

Essay papers & reports

Admissions essays & personal statements

Dissertations & theses

PhD articles & papers

CVs & job applications


Benefits of Uniproof

  • Your written essays and papers will be submitted with the highest possible standard
  • You see exactly where you’ve made mistakes in your writing
  • Improve your written English by reading through comments the editor provides
  • Easy to use service with quick delivery
  • Reasonable price for you as a student


Our Professionals

Having a professional proofreader check your written English is an important step that gives you the confidence in submitting your work to your academic institution.

We have a number of proofreaders available who have a wide range of expertise in many different academic disciplines, and we are very selective during the hiring process. All of our proofreaders are native English speakers who are educated to a Master’s degree level and have extensive knowledge of their field.

Uniproof, as a proofreading service for students, also accepts personal statements or application essays that are to be submitted to an academic university.  If you are in this position then you’ll want to ensure you’re making a great first impression in front of the admissions panel, and encouraging them to accept your application into the ‘considered’ pile and not the rejected one.


Dissertations & Theses

Final year university students or those completing a Master’s degree course at a UK university, whether English is your first or second language, will need to complete a number of essays.  Our professional online proofreaders will help to improve the logical flow of your written material.  You will also need to complete a research paper (commonly known as a dissertation/thesis) during the latter part of your degree.  You may already understand that this will be a task that shouldn’t be viewed as easy or simple to complete, and once you have written the first draft, many students are satisfied with their work and really don’t want to consider the editing process before printing and binding their dissertation paper.


UK & International Students

Many students, both UK and international, look at the proofreading process as a step in the right direction and involve a specialist academic proofreader to help them review their research paper.  Our proofreaders will proofread and edit your dissertation research paper and return it to you with a number of changes and comments to help you in the right direction. If English is not your first language then the editor will guide you by providing comments to improve your writing in the future.


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