Writing your essay for university and college means that it will most likely include many spelling, punctuation and grammatical errors, and you may easily overlook these in your paper, resulting in lower grades.  That’s where a professional proofreading service comes in!

Our essay proofreading service does much more than your word processor’s spelling and grammar checker, and it can dramatically improve the marker’s impression of your work.  This will ultimately improve the overall grades in your module and your degree.

For all degree and college courses, essays contribute a huge amount to the final grade of your module, whether you’re writing an academic essay requiring accurate references, theories and underpinning value to your work, or working on a report for a company who require some in-depth knowledge and understanding as well as a current view of what is happening.


Our proofreaders will correct the following:

  • Incorrectly spelt or inappropriate words, as well as common homonym substitutions (such as your/you’re, effect/affect, and its/it’s)
  • Misplaced commas, full stops, colons, semicolons and parentheses
  • Typographical errors so that a reader will have confidence in your writing when reading your final paper
  • Fonts that are too large or margins that are too wide, and your paper will be formatted in accordance with general university standards, as well as to meet a specific layout and citation standard

Our full essay proofreading service includes an academic proof reader who will review your essay for any errors, and who will comment where they feel your work requires some improvement in sentence structure, coherence, tone and the style in which your paper has been written.

Get better grades and reach a higher standard in the written essays you submit by ordering now.

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