girl making a personal statementYou’ve searched high and low for the perfect university that fits with you. You like the look of the course structure (or current research studies if it’s a PhD) and you’re set on putting in your application for your first choice; don’t let the admissions team refuse your submission because of silly errors.


Admissions Essays

Our proofreading of your admissions essay, personal statement or application content for your future time in academia will help you to understand what improvements need to be made to your work. An experienced proofreader will help you stand out from others by focusing on the main person who is going to be reading it: the admissions reviewer.

Let us help you get that competitive edge and stand out from all of the other hundreds of applications that the reviewer will see. Your application should be pleasant to read and not the usual monotone wording that a lot of students believe the admissions team want to see.

It doesn’t matter what type of document you have, your written English needs to match the level at which you are applying. And having an essay included that the reviewer isn’t able to understand is like baking a cake without including a raising agent: it’ll be stone cold, flat and make little impression.


Personal Statements

Your personal statement is critical to your application being successful. It is the first opportunity you have to make a great first impression with the admissions committee, to give the reasons why you want to attend the course.

You also need to make an impact with those who read through your written English, so logical progression, punctuation, grammar, and spelling are of vital importance. This submission will judge your ability to communicate inn a professional manner and be able to provide succinct arguments to other academics.

As the process requires you to use past examples in your own life and to talk about yourself, your personal experiences, hobbies and goals, you might find that you don’t want to edit certain parts of your writing because it’s too personal.

This is where an editor can help to remove irrelevant or repetitive parts to make your personal statement more concise, meaningful, clear and consistent.

Simply submit your admissions essay or personal statement below and our team will get started straight away.