At Uniproof we take great pride in the quality service we provide our customers through recruiting the highest calibre proofreaders and offering a comprehensive customer service. In addition, we offer great value for money with some of the lowest prices on the Internet.

Uniproof was established to offer academic students the ability to have their work reviewed and proofread so that they can be certain they have done their best before submission. A number of students struggle to format or structure their paper in a way that conveys their arguments in the best possible light.

Our approach to academic proofreading services is to aid students in the presentation of their work.

We established our services in line with current proofreading help accepted in the academic community, and we have worked with a number of academics to improve the process. Uniproof neither offers nor promotes an essay writing service for students, as we believe this process not only constitutes plagiarism, but it does not help students learn where they have gone wrong in their writing.

This means that you, the student, can concentrate on the written arguments and voice in your work and we, the proofreading site, can provide you with a key tool to help you improve your written academic submissions.


Our Proofreaders

All of the professional proofreaders who work with us are qualified to at least a Master’s degree level and many are PhDs. A number of them are also actively involved in teaching at a higher academic level.

Every individual who joins our team is required to undergo rigorous testing to ensure that they meet our standards to proofread and edit academic documents. We also have a quality team who review each order to ensure the proofreader has taken all of your points or concerns into account.