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Uniproof’s dissertation proofreading service for students offers assistance to ensure your dissertation paper is free from errors and inconsistencies. That means your research paper is not going to have any spelling, grammar or punctuation errors.

When you’ve spend months studying the subject, creating a foundation for the research and generating hypotheses, you want to sit back and relax – let uniproof take care of the last minute clean up and correct the mistakes you’ve made.

You’ve had weeks of re-reading your literature review so that it reads right and your methodology chapter just needs a little bit of gel so that the arguments and methods you have put down on the screen in front of you make sense.

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Here’s what Uniproof’s dissertation proofreading service includes:

Basic Grammar

Just like other academic document, you need to show that you have researched the topic and are then able to put across your arguments and points of view.

To do this effectively your grammar needs to be correct. Our proofreaders fix verbose language, inconsistent tense use, use of the wrong article or words that just don’t quite fit.

The latter is used quite a lot in academic dissertations as the writer (you) tends to use complex words that they saw in a journal article when they were sourcing information for their literature review – we’ve all done it.

In short, your writing is corrected for grammar to ensure it is flawless throughout.



If you’re writing in MS Word then you’ll probably use the spell checker – it’s a pretty hefty document and you can’t be expected to spot them all, can you?

But, you’re leaving all those mistakes wide open because the computer program doesn’t know what you wrote isn’t what you meant, so if the word is in its dictionary then it won’t flag it for your attention.

We’ll look through your words with a keen eye and correct all of the misspellings that spell checkers always miss. We’ll also look for common mistakes in word usage, such as their/there, those/these, to/too, and affect/effect that many students get wrong when they’re writing a large paper.



Students tend to find punctuation a whole lot harder than anything else. Does the full stop (period for those brought up on American English but in the UK studying) go inside or outside of the quotation marks? Or, do the footnotes go inside or on the outside of a sentence? And, when do I use a semi colon instead of a comma?

These are all things that our proofreaders will check and change. You’ll have the right en dashes, em dashes, and parentheses in the right places.


Typographical Errors

You’ve written your dissertation chapters at separate times; and maybe even written your literature review chapter over a number of weeks, so your writing and paragraphing might be a little off.

We’ve all taken the lazy route of copying the quotation (direct citation) from the online text instead of writing it out by hand, but copying across the styles from that document won’t help your own typographic issues. What are these? You’ve got poor spacing, inconsistent fonts, and strange formatting issues that all need fixing.

We’ll take care of that.


Light Editing

Most students who want their dissertation proofread have come to us on advice from their professor, a friend, or a family member. But, the main thing we point out is that most student work doesn’t require just a proofread, but needs a light editing too.

We include dissertation editing in our proofreading service for you so you are assured your sentences and tone of argument are correct to read how they should. It needs to be pointed out, however, that we don’t infringe on plagiarism.

We merely proofread and edit your words to ensure the reader is consuming the information, arguments and conclusions that you wanted to make – but, you simply couldn’t see the paper in its original form because you’d read it many, many times and became blind to your mistakes.



You need to get your references and citations correct. Whether these be in text references or citations, or the list of sources (commonly referred to, incorrectly for a dissertation, as a bibliography) at the end of your paper.

You might be using one of the different versions of Harvard (we know there are a few), MHRA, IEEE, OSCOLA, Vancouver, APA, or MLA. There are quite a few and our proofreaders know the different styling requirements for each of them.

If you feel as though your university has a very specific one then you can send us a copy of the guide they gave you. We’ll take a look and implement the changes.

You’ve spent the last weeks and months on this damn thing, so don’t let these silly mistakes prevent you from getting the grade and degree classification you deserve!

What Goes Into A Dissertation?

If you’re on this page and you want to ensure you’ve got every thing in your dissertation then why not watch the video below by the Student Support Services department at Leicester University?

Interested in learning more?

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