CV Proofreading Services & Why First Impressions Count

Getting a job is important to most people. You might be interested in getting a part-time on to fit around your studies or secure a position at the end of your course – either way you need an effective CV to help sell yourself to future employers. If you don’t have one, or even one that’s effective in getting you in for an interview, then you might not even be offered an interview for the graduate position or placement year you think you’re perfectly suited for.

Having errors on your CV creates a negative first impression and most employers won’t even consider replying to you if they spot glaringly obvious mistakes on your personal ‘sales page’. You want the document to be well laid out, not unlike a brochure for a company, which includes all of the relevant information that an employer is looking for and not extra ‘because I thought I would include it to bulk it out’ stuff.

The most important factor in your CV is to have a clear, consistent, and easily digestible layout, which is presented well and easily understood – you’re writing for the business world now, not academia, so clear and straight to the point is a must.

CV editing, proofreading and writing services

Uniproof can quickly proofread, revise and review your CV and cover letter. We offer three levels for you to choose, from a simple and quick check for any mistakes to a full re-write of the CV and cover letter to ensure you are selling yourself well.