Bringing a New Update To The Site

Welcome to the new design of Uniproof (see below).

We’ve worked up a treat for you over the past few weeks with our development team, launching a new design of our site, blog and resources section. There is still a little more to do with the order and checkout process, but we’re working on that over the coming weeks. We want the order process to be similar to some of the larger proofreading sites; and, whilst we know we’re little and only provide excellent proofreading services to the academic community, and don’t, like other larger sites, need to have a business presence online for companies, we wanted to upgrade everything.

Here’s a look at our old site.a picture of the old uniproof site


Here are a few from the current site.

screenshot of new uniproof site
(Our academic services page.)
screen shot of proofreading page


We decided to go with a much cleaner look, moved the management system into a responsive design (so you can use it on your iPad or iPhone/Android), and changed the colour scheme a little. We’re happy with the result, but we’re still working hard on the different improvements to both our blog (our academic resources for you) and the easiness in purchasing academic proofreading services from us.

Let us know if you have any questions or comments.

Interested in learning more?

We have a range of guides available for you to download. Send us an email for them in PDF format.